The most commonly asked question when considering hiring a law firm for representation is, understandably, "how do you charge legal fees?" Because we are committed to achieving the best results for our clients, we charge "flat fees." This means that the cost of representation is explicitly clear to the client at the outset of representation. We offer flexible payment plans to clients who need time to make payments toward their legal fees.

Advantages of a flat-fee structure include:

* Representation continues throughout the process, no matter where the case leads us.

* The client can plan, with certainty, on the financial commitment required.

* There is no extra fee for our office costs, transportation, subpoena costs, discovery costs or anything else associated with our representation, no matter where in the state your case is located. We do not charge for mileage or travel time.

* No billable hours. Our clients appreciate the ability to spend time with us working on the case without worrying about being on the clock.

*Flat fees are the most ethical and fair way to charge fees in a criminal case because the law firm and the client have the common goal of achieving the best result possible, without there being an unknown, unplanned for, financial limitation on the client's ability to make choices about litigation.

* Law firms that do not charge flat fees will either bill by the hour or will charge in increments based on how the case progresses. An example would be if a law firm charges a "retainer" and then waits to charge a much larger fee if the client decides to fight the case. Naturally, the client has no idea how much it will end up costing, and almost always, the client has not planned on that type of financial obligation. The result is that the client ends up pleading guilty when that may not have been the most viable option. Likewise, a law firm that does not charge flat fees ends up NOT trying the majority of the cases that it handles. This is bad for the client, and bad for justice. We avoid all of those problems by charging flat fees.

* A jury trial is included in our flat fee, where most law firms make you pay an extra fee to take your case to trial. Our firm includes a jury trial because money should never be a factor in fighting a case.