Attorney Kirk Obear is highly recommended by judges, prosecutors, law enforcement and lawyers.

The following are comments from some of those individuals:

"Has made the miraculous virtually routine."

"The most eloquent counsel that this court has ever seen."

"Compelling, victorious advocate."

"Top-notch attorney... nothing he can't accomplish."

"Unmatched dedication and devotion... zealous advocacy achieved superior results for multitude of clients... amazing 58 percent of charges he defended ended in dismissal or not guilty."

"Kirk's credentials are preeminent. Kirk Obear is a great lawyer with a terrific understanding of science - and he is an excellent fellow."

What Clients Have To Say:

"I just wanted to sincerely thank you again for your stellar legal work. It has been such a relief (the results you obtained) to me/us - -it's even hard to explain it really. But your impressive work is something I will NEVER forget, on that you can be sure. So once again, I want to express my deep gratitude for your help here - - the mere thought or mention of the name Kirk Obear will always induce a huge smile!"

"The jury deliberated for five and a half hours and came back with not guilty verdicts on both counts. I am a free man once again thanks to, not only the truth, but the stellar performance of super attorney Kirk Obear. I owe him the next 22 years of my life."

"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you did in Dan's defense. You took a lot of the fright and uncertainty out of the scariest situation I've ever been in my life. And you reassured Dan a great deal. I knew I could trust you."

"When my son was arrested on drug charges, it felt like my world was coming to an end. I didn't know where to turn for help. When Kirk Obear reviewed the case, he immediately saw important issues and defenses that a half-dozen other attorneys had missed. His representation of my son's legal interests was absolutely superb. He was impeccably prepared for each appearance; his courtroom presence was commanding and impressive; his delivery was flawless; and his written materials were well-researched and persuasive. I do not believe that better legal representation could have been provided by any other attorney."

"Kirk treated my son with dignity and respect-something that he and others similarly situated are not accustomed to. He counseled him about both legal and practical matters, leaving an impression that I think my son will carry with him for many years."

"A friend of mine was charged with 3rd degree sexual assault. His family and I hired Kirk because of his positive attitude and energy. He listened to us and gave honest feedback. He always kept us informed of what was going on. He got the case dismissed at the preliminary hearing because of the excellent questions he asked the witnesses. He knew just want to ask for the judge to see the truth. If it weren't for Kirk, I am not sure what could have happened to my friend. Thank you so much for everything! I would recommend Kirk to anyone."

"I hired kirk just recently to handle a 4th offense DUI charge for me and he was able to get the whole case dismissed- if you want the best chance to win your case hire Kirk Obear today, a lawyer you can trust that is on your side."

"Just wanted to say thanks for doing a good job at fighting my case and I am very glad that I chose you to represent me. From talking to you, you seem to really fight for your clients and care for them....I can't say that for most attorneys."

"Attorney Obear was the best! He kept me informed all the time on what was going on and explained to me everything that I needed to know in the process of this whole mess! Attorney Obear definitely knew the ins and outs of what he was doing and told you straight what he thought!"

"He is a great lawyer who knows what he is doing and will do everything to make sure that you are taken care of and will give 100% to your case! Give him a call to defend you!"

"[Kirk Obear] managed to get both issues [OWI and drug possession] tried at the same time in Judge McCormick's courtroom. It was quite apparent that Judge McCormick thinks very highly of Attorney Obear, as did the district attorney... I cannot say enough about what a wonderful attorney Kirk is, and feel that without such professional, excellent representation this could have turned out to be a nightmare for our family. I feel that Kirk really cared about [client's daughter] and spent many long hours in preparing a solid case for the best possible outcome. I also feel that his demeanor in dealing with the DA and the judge created a good rapport in enabling them to work together for our best interests... Kirk met with [client's daughter] and made her feel very comfortable. He explained things to her on her level... I would recommend him to anybody. We will be forever grateful to Attorney Obear."

"I hired Kirk Obear to represent my son in a fifth-offense OWI charge. Mr. Obear was quite impressive from the very first phone call to the last court hearing. He handled the case with the utmost care and concern. He gave us hope in a time when we really needed it... I can say with all honesty that I was very impressed by Mr. Obear's knowledge of the law and his presence in the courtroom."

"Kirk Obear did a fantastic job with my case and was very aware of the laws that apply to my case. I would definitely recommend Kirk Obear to anyone in need of a knowledgeable lawyer to help in a time in need."

"Kirk kept me informed well with my case and the possible outcomes that I could expect. Kirk was recommended to me by a friend that also had an excellent outcome. It was well worth contacting Kirk for my case. Kirk got me from a 3rd offense DUI down to a first offense DUI due to the way my previous case was handled by the city. I don't believe a 2nd lawyer I spoke to would have caught this situation."

"Kirk B Obear is the "BEST" ! I hired Kirk to handle my case on referral from a Police Officer , and I am very grateful I did ! He not only know the law, he IS the Man who can split the hairs and find the hidden spots and reveil the rights of those in trouble!
Kirk has done this for me, and I have MUCH gratitude to him for that. Kirk also has the ability to calm a person and make you feel safe! Kirk WON my case! Anyone that hires him should be lucky to have him- he's AWESOME!"

"Dear Kirk: You truly are a God-send. It's a pity there are only a few people like you who are doing the type of work you do. The world needs more Kirk Obears."

"Dear Kirk, We wanted you to know how much we appreciate the fact that you represented our son in the Federal and Wisconsin state cases...We will never forget you and all that you have done for our son. Adam will be one of your clients that definitely will turn his life around."

"Dear Kirk: Mere thanks do not suffice for the support and representation you've given me, especially in such a difficult matter."

"Once again Kirk, THANKS for what you have done for me! I feel like the man I was before this terrible thing happened- You ARE THE BEST ! I hold you in high regard, and ALWAYS refer you to anyone that either needs your help, or might....... You're way cool Man ! Thanks again !"

"Thank you so much, you will never know how much I appreciate what you did!"

"Hey guys, I want to thank you for everything you have done and getting the charges dropped. Words cannot express how grateful I am. You two are really great people and I am so happy- thank you thank you thank you!"