Drug charges of any kind are nothing to take lightly. Both state police and federal authorities are cracking down on those in possession of any illegal substance, particularly amid the consciousness surrounding opioid use across America.

A conviction can have serious effects. Rental prospects, college admissions and professional employment are all at risk for those with any type of drug conviction on their criminal record.

Defense For All Types Of Drug Charges

Located in Sheboygan, at Kirk Obear, Attorney at Law, we understand the severity of these situations. Our team of attorneys has defended against the most complex cases throughout the state of Wisconsin.

We are fully equipped to defend against all types of drug offenses, including possession, sale, manufacturing and trafficking (distributing) of marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine or heroin.

We know the law. We know your constitutional rights and will not hesitate to push back against authorities if it means protecting your rights and your future.

Offering You A Realistic Assessment Of Your Case

Drug charges come with a lot of pieces, from how law enforcement seized illegal drugs to whether you crossed state borders while in possession of an illicit substance.

Whether you were personally searched, your home, or your vehicle was rummaged, we will examine the situation surrounding the procedures law enforcement utilized to seize the drugs in question. If they failed to follow proper protocol, we won't hesitate to act on your behalf.

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