Alcohol is a part of our American culture. Having a few drinks after work, at a BBQ, wedding reception — you name it — celebrating with alcohol is a part of our culture. Unfortunately, the law is strict when it comes to drinking and driving.

Officers in Wisconsin show zero mercy when it comes to drunk driving — even for first-time offenders or those who barely exceed the .08 BAC limit.

Unfortunately, a DUI can have long-lasting effects. Aside from losing your driver's license and spending time in jail, a DUI will appear on your criminal record.

It can jeopardize professional licenses, result in loss of employment prospects and more.

Experienced, Successful, Criminal Defense Team To Help You

At Kirk Obear, Attorney at Law, our team of criminal defense lawyers have 30-plus years of collective experience. We have defended against first, second and subsequent drunk driving offenses for drivers in Sheboygan and all throughout the state of Wisconsin and have obtained successful dismissals, plea bargains and trial victories.

Our founding attorney, Kirk Obear, brings unique knowledge to the team. As a former U.S. Air Force JAG, Kirk became one of the most renowned defense lawyers in the military.

A Thorough Examination

When it comes to a DUI, we thoroughly examine every aspect of your case to make sure police followed proper procedures and your rights weren't violated.

We will carefully examine every circumstance that led up to your arrest, including:

►Field sobriety tests

Field sobriety tests are inherently subjective. A driver can easily fail these types of tests if, for example, steep terrain or wet conditions are present or even unclear instructions.

Our criminal defense lawyers carefully examine how the test was conducted, environmental conditions and other factors to determine their validity.

►Breathalyzer results

Breathalyzers and other breath tests continuously come under scrutiny for their unreliable and inaccurate results. Food consumption, health conditions, outside temperatures and even calibration can all skew a breath test reading.

Our team will meticulously examine any breath test conducted in your instance to make sure the results were accurate. If they weren't, we will fight to preclude authorities from using the results against you.

Ready To Fight For You

One single mistake should not dictate your future potential. If you or a loved one needs help from a skilled team of criminal defense lawyers, reach out to our team today. We have obtained successful results for individuals in similar situations. Let us help you.

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