A 60-year-old Calumet County man was charged with Manufacture of THC, Maintaining a Drug Trafficking Place, Possession with Intent to Deliver THC, and other charges after voluntarily allowing police to search his home after a citizen tip alleged he was growing marijuana. When Attorney Kaehne started fighting the case, the client was facing over 16 ½ years in prison for growing personal use cannabis in the private confines of his marital residence.

After litigating all pre-trial motions, the client chose to accept an offer; however, the prosecutor still wanted to see the client spend significant time in custody. By taking the time to get to know his client personally, Attorney Kaehne learned the client's wife suffered a debilitating disease. The client and his wife had been medicating with cannabis for years, and rather than deal with dangerous drug dealers, they decided to grow their own medicine in privacy.

After an intense sentencing hearing, Attorney Kaehne was able to walk the 60-year-old man out of Court without a single day in jail. Additionally, Attorney Kaehne assisted the family in obtaining information to seek residency and medicinal marijuana patient status in a nearby State.