Brett Kaehne Stands Tough and Wins Dismissal in Felony Domestic Case

A 41 year old Sheboygan County man was charged with Disorderly Conduct, Battery, and Suffocation/Strangulation all as acts of Domestic Violence. Due to the new charges, our client’s probation agent attempted to revoke his term of supervision placing him on a 14 year prison term.

Attorney Kaehne vigorously fought the supervision revocation at a hearing, including issuing subpoenas for law enforcement. After a thorough cross-examination of both officers, the Administrative Law Judge issued a decision declining to revoke our client’s supervision term. Our client was beyond elated to avoid a 14 year prison term; however, the new criminal matter was still looming.

Attorney Kaehne then shared the testimony of the officers with the prosecutor in the criminal matter. Additionally, motions were filed by the Defense challenging the credibility of the alleged victim. The prosecution then moved to formally dismiss the case, and stated on the record they "could not prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt."

The case was formally dismissed, our client was released from custody, and he remains at home with his family.

Attorney Barrette Forces Dismissal of Felony

Attorney Barrette represented a young father accused of physically harming his child by the child's mother. The severity of the alleged injury resulted in a felony charge filed against the father. Throughout the representation, the client maintained his innocence. He explained that he and the child's mother were no longer in a relationship and the mother was often vindictive. After listening to her client's version of events and evaluating the State's claim, Attorney Barrette filed a motion to dismiss. The Court, without listening to any testimony, dismissed the case and Attorney Barrette was able to walk the young client out of the courtroom, a free man.

Drug Evidence Suppressed After Defense Challenge to Search

J.R was charged with multiple felonies and misdemeanors related to the possession of narcotic drugs and paraphernalia. Upon initial review of the police reports, Attorney Kaehne immediately determined R.J.'s constitutional rights were violated.

Spending the night at a friend's house is usually nothing to worry about. If the cops show up and raid the place, it might be a different story. J.R. was sleeping over when the police arrived and obtained "consent" to search the premises from a tenant, including a bag that was clearly marked as belonging to J.R.

Attorney Kaehne filed a motion and brief asserting the tenant did not have the authority to consent to the search of J.R.'s bag, and the search was unlawful. After several hearings, including cross-examination of law enforcement and oral argument, Attorney Kaehne was successful in suppressing all evidence obtained from the bag.

As a result, several felony and misdemeanor charges were dismissed, and J.R. was release from custody days later.

Felony Sex Offense Charges Dismissed

An out-of-state college student met a girl on an on-line dating website. After several conversations via text as well as over the phone, the two decided to get together for a date. The date went well and the couple agreed to see each other a second time. Feeling that they had really hit it off, they kept corresponding and developed a strong interest in continuing what seemed like a wonderful relationship.

The young man made a second trip up to Wisconsin and met up with the girl. They went out to dinner, went for a walk by the lake, and then ended up getting a hotel room. The next day, he dropped her off at her house and went home feeling that this was the beginning of a long term relationship. Much to his surprise, a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Unbeknownst to the young college student, the girl of his dreams had lied about her age and it turned out that she was actually under the age of 16. He was heartbroken, and worse, his entire future that he worked hard for was now in jeopardy. Prosecutors didn't care that he had a straight A average in his classes, that he had prospects for significant internship opportunities, or that he had not even had a speeding ticket in his entire life. "The law is the law," and his belief about her age, even taking into account the lies she told, simply didn't matter to the prosecutors.

After a year and half of fighting for this client and steering the case toward the proper outcome, Attorney Obear was finally able to secure a complete dismissal of all of the charges against the college student. He is due to graduate soon, with his bright future secured.

Barrette Wins Child Abuse Jury Trial with Slam Dunk Not Guilty Verdict

A 37 year old man faced a felony charge of Child Abuse-Intentionally Causing Harm predicated on baseless accusations by his girlfriend's son. Attorney Barrette took the case to trial, believing in her client's innocence every step of the way. After four days, the jury returned a verdict of Not Guilty in less than twenty minutes.

Kaehne Gets Another Outstanding Result

A 28 year old man was charged with 2nd Degree Sexual Assault with Use of Force, and Burglary. He had met the alleged victim on an online dating site, and was invited to her apartment for a massage. He later went to her apartment a second time to discuss their relationship. The alleged victim claimed he forced his way into her apartment, dragged her into her bedroom, and forcibly raped her. Our client's version was that they were intimate, and the alleged victim exploded when he came clean and admitted to being married.

Law enforcement was involved very quickly, and took DNA samples from the apartment. After months of analysis, they were able to determine our client's DNA was on the alleged victim's bedsheets. He was ultimately criminally charged.

Attorney Kaehne fought the case for a year, discovering many inconsistencies and factual discrepancies in the alleged victim's recollection of events. While initially looking like a difficult case due to the DNA evidence, and our client being untruthful with law enforcement, Attorney Kaehne continued to push forward to trial.

The day before trial was scheduled to commence, Attorney Kaehne was able to negotiate a favorable outcome. Our client was ultimately convicted of Adultery, and extremely rarely used statute in the State of Wisconsin. At sentencing, Attorney Kaehne was able to keep our client out of prison, and the client was placed on probation with minimal jail time. Additionally, Attorney Kaehne was able to negotiate the client not being subjected to any sex offender registry.

Disorderly Conduct Charges Dismissed

A 41 year old government employee was charged with Disorderly Conduct in Sheboygan County after an argument with his wife. He discovered his wife had been shoplifting items, and selling them on the internet. During the argument, he tore a photograph and threw it on the floor. No physical injuries were reported by his wife.

After Attorney Kaehne sought out and obtained information that could be used at jury trial to challenge the character and credibility of the wife, the prosecution agreed to formally dismiss the charge.

Felony Sexual Assault Charge Dismissed

A 27 year old Sheboygan man was charged with 2nd Degree Sexual Assault in April of 2016. After learning the alleged victim was making false allegations of an assault, the client was proactive in retaining Kirk Obear and Associates prior to the District Attorney's office filing official charges. This quick action allowed our firm to take immediate action to protect his rights.

Kirk designated Attorney Brett Kaehne as lead counsel on the case. The alleged victim had come to our client's residence in February of 2016, where he lived with his male roommate. On the night of the alleged sexual assault, the alleged victim was highly intoxicated, and had come over to use the hot tub by herself. She claimed that she felt ill while in the hot tub, and went upstairs to sleep in a spare bedroom as she had done in the past. Our client's roommate was home in his bedroom the entire time, and our client was sleeping next to his then long-time girlfriend. The alleged victim claimed that in the middle of the night, our client entered the bed she was sleeping in, and had sexual intercourse with her for 30 minutes without her consent. She claimed to be too intoxicated to move, resist, or say anything during the alleged assault.

Our client adamantly maintained his innocence throughout the year long courtroom battle. His roommate and ex-girlfriend came to his defense asserting they were sleeping right next to the spare bedroom and heard nothing. Attorney Kaehne litigated every conceivable motion over the course of a year preparing the matter for a jury trial. The case and courtroom litigation quickly became heated, and remained that way for over a year.

Just days before trial, after highlighting the weakness of the case, and lack of any meaningful or credible evidence, the prosecutor agreed to fully dismiss the charge. Though the initial stigma and publicity of the case caused our client tremendous hardships in his life, he is now engaged to be married, has a new successful career, and remains a free man. Another case that reinforces our commitment to seeing things through, fighting as long and hard as it takes, and always having our client's best interests and future in mind.

Felony Fleeing Motorcyclist gets Expunction of Record, Thanks to Brett

B.D. was charged with Felony Attempting to Flee or Elude an Officer, facing 3 ½ years in prison when he retained our firm. B.D. was riding his motorcycle with a friend when stopped for traffic violations. B.D. refused to provide the officer information, got on his motorcycle, and took off at a high rate of speed. The officer was unable to catch up to him, but the next day the arrest was made.

Being an avid motorcyclist, Attorney Kaehne was a great fit to handle B.D.'s case. After an aggressive approach at the Preliminary Hearing, and putting together a sentencing packet for the prosecutor and judge, B.D. walked out of court with a Misdemeanor conviction. B.D. was not ordered any jail time, nor probation, only a fine and court costs. After B.D. pays his financial obligations in the case, and completes minimal community service work, the case will be expunged from his permanent record.

Another Strike Dealt Against Unfair Marijuana Laws

With both Attorney Obear and Attorney Kaehne being active legal committee members for NORML, J.D. reached out to our firm for representation on charges of Felony Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, and Felony Bail Jumping case in Iowa County, Wisconsin. Back in 2013, J.D. and his bandmate played a show in Milwaukee, and were driving back to their home State of Nebraska when pulled over for a traffic violation. The Deputy noted the odor of marijuana, and J.D. immediately handed over a baggie containing marijuana residue, and a marijuana pipe. He bailed out that same night, but was later issued a Felony Bail Jumping charge for missing a Court date. When our firm took the cases over, J.D. was facing a potential penalty of 10 years in prison.

Immediately, Attorney Kaehne took an aggressive approach to the case, demanding a Jury Trial. Attorney Kaehne also filed a Daubert motion to exclude the field testing of the substance, as field tests are inherently unreliable and the prosecutor did not send the substance to the State Crime Laboratory for field testing. A motion was also filed challenging the officer's questioning during the traffic stop. The prosecutor quickly knew he was in for a battle.

This week, Attorney Kaehne walked J.D. out of the courtroom with no Felony conviction, and convinced the judge to immediately expunge the sole count of Misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana from J.D.'s record. J.D. tearfully left the courtroom, and was overcome with joy when Attorney Kaehne informed him he would even get a portion of his bond money returned to him. No probation, no jail time, and no criminal record.

Another great victory for our client, and also for the battle against our marijuana laws.

Drug Case Dismissed

Attorney Melissa Barrette's client was arrested and charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance after law enforcement searched his vehicle as it was leaving a state park. First, Melissa filed a motion to exclude evidence of the odor of marijuana being present during the traffic stop. The judge agreed that any testimony regarding the odor of marijuana coming from her client was highly prejudicial and irrelevant and must be excluded. After losing the motion, the prosecution tempted the client with an offer to resolve the case with a fine only. The client maintained his innocence and Melissa kept fighting. After Melissa filed additional motions, the prosecution was left with no choice but to dismiss the case outright.

Melissa and Kirk Secure OWI Win - Not Guilty on 2nd Offense

Our client came to us knowing that there was a tough, uphill battle ahead. Not only did the police treat her poorly by failing to properly investigate the incident, but she also had to deal with a dishonest witness who was trying to throw her under the bus. As is often the case, the prosecutor was more interested in putting the question to the jury rather than trying to resolve matters. Melissa Barrette and Kirk Obear tried the case together in a one day trial. The case went to the jury and in a very quick decision (less than 15 minutes) they returned a verdict of Not Guilty.

OWI / PAC First Offense Not Guilty Verdict

Knowing that he was facing a huge challenge, Kirk took on a case with not just one, but two chemical test results far above the legal limit. A breath test showed an alcohol concentration of .27, and a blood test showed an alcohol concentration of .28. In spite of the two very high tests, Kirk successfully attacked the results and a jury found his client Not Guilty of both Operating a Motor Vehicle while Intoxicated, and Operating with a Prohibited Alcohol Concentration.

OWI Homicide Case Dismissed

In a Northern County in Wisconsin, our client was arrested after allegedly striking a pedestrian on the side of a rural road. Our forensic analysis of the evidence and months of investigation revealed that it was impossible that our client was the cause of the death. Our own accident reconstruction, along with blood evidence gathered at the scene and later tested, were used to convince the prosecutor that our client was innocent. Originally facing decades in prison, and initially with a public defender, the client almost entered a plea with an agreement for a long prison term before the Obear team got on the case. Nearly a year later, she was a free woman and had no criminal conviction. Another innocent person whose life was protected by Kirk Obear and the rest of the staff at our law firm.

OWI with Refusal Dismissed

On the last day possible to request a refusal hearing, a client called Kirk advising him that he didn't know what to do or how to respond to the notice. Kirk quickly sprang into action and made sure that the refusal hearing request was filed at the last minute. This was a Northern County in Wisconsin, unaccustomed to aggressive defense, and the judge thought he could throw Kirk for a loop by scheduling a refusal hearing three days from the filing date. Kirk immediately obtained critical evidence and proceeded with litigating the hearing. At the end of the day, the judge agreed with Kirk that the arresting officer did not have probable cause and dismissed the refusal allegation. Kirk then filed a motion requesting that all evidence in the OWI case be dismissed. That motion was also granted. Footnote: the prosecutor tried to offer a reckless driving during the middle of the hearing, and Kirk flatly rejected it. Client ended up with no revocation, no conviction, no fine, and no record.

Not Guilty Verdict in Aggravated Assault Trial

Our client was accused of a violent assault of a woman, which allegedly resulted in her arm and hand being broken in 13 different places. The Obear team went to work to investigate the background and history of the complaining witness, and also interviewed all of the tenants in the apartment building where the assault was said to have happened. Kirk uncovered evidence that the witness had not sought medical attention for several days after the incident and was arrested for public intoxication and possession of narcotics in between the time that she said the assault occurred and when she reported it. Numerous witnesses from the apartment building were called to the stand by the defense, all of whom indicated that they heard nothing unusual during the night in question. When it became apparent to the prosecutor that his case was going downhill, he offered to amend the felony down to several misdemeanors. Kirk rejected that offer. Later in the trial, the prosecutor even offered to amend the case down to an ordinance violation with only a fine. Kirk rejected that offer as well. The jury deliberated for 4 hours and came back with Not Guilty verdicts on all counts. Our client was originally facing over 80 years in prison if convicted. He walked out of the courtroom a free man with no conviction whatsoever.

Sexual Assault Charges Dismissed

When KQ's family came to our firm, they were devastated having just learned that their son had been accused of sexual assault of a minor. Kirk went quickly to work to investigate and develop evidence in KQ's favor. Dedicating many late nights and weekends to the case, Kirk put together a case file that put the prosecution in a position to be unwilling to proceed on the charges. Ultimately, the charges were dismissed without the client spending a single minute in jail. He is now back on course to advance his career and put the nightmare of the allegations behind him.

Brett Scores Again, Wins Big

A 19 year old Sheboygan man was charged with three counts of Felony Bail Jumping, facing a maximum penalty of 18 years confinement in prison. Attorney Brett T. Kaehne filed a motion in the case immediately, and was able to get one of the three charges dismissed outright. The prosecution alleged the young man violated his open Felony bond in another case by "committing a new crime." Attorney Kaehne correctly motioned the Court for dismissal as underage drinking is a civil ordinance, not a crime.

The remaining two Felony charges in the case stemmed from an anonymous citizen contacting the police department for a noise complaint at a residence, believed to be an underage drinking party. An officer arrived on scene on two separate occasions, and noted the house was dark and there were people whispering, but no noise. On the second response, our client and his friends were stopped and questioned as they were entering a vehicle near the alleged party. Our client was taken into custody and later charged with the three counts of Felony Bail Jumping.

After cross-examining the officer at a suppression hearing, Attorney Kaehne was able to establish the responding officer did not have the reasonable suspicion necessary to stop and question the client. All evidence obtained was excluded, and the prosecution had no choice but to dismiss the entire case.

Kaehne Negotiates Felony Down to Dismissal

A local business owner in good standing with the community for over 20 years was charged with Felony Substantial Battery for defending himself from an attack by a trespasser. The prosecution charged him because they believed his force in defending himself was justified, but excessive. Attorney Brett T. Kaehne was able to obtain an agreement with the prosecution and court that if the client stays out of legal trouble for the next year, the entire case will be dismissed.

Attorney Barrette Calls Their Bluff

A 57 year old woman was charged with Battery as she recovered from a recent surgery at a residential care facility. The woman was wheelchair bound and in an excruciating amount of pain. As she was wheeling herself to physical therapy, she accidentally bumped a nurse in the hallway. The nurse, who openly disliked our client, alleged that the accidental contact was intentional and demanded that our client be arrested. Outraged, Attorney Barrette took the offensive and pushed for a trial so that we could share this injustice with a jury. The day before the trial was scheduled to begin, the prosecution caved and the case was dismissed.

Melissa Scores Big Win with Not Guilty Verdict

MM was a hard working young professional employed at a major corporation of Sheboygan County, when he was falsely accused of assaulting an individual. MM was rightfully found Not Guilty at trial because Attorney Barrette was able to convince the Court that the accuser had a strong motivation to lie and his testimony should not be trusted. Client is excited to maintain his employment and innocence.

Obear Team Delivers Ultimate Vindication

A Sheboygan man was charged with Sexual Assault of a Child Under Age 16, and was facing 40 years in prison. The man had no prior criminal convictions, and if convicted, was likely to spend a significant amount of time in prison. The firm battled with the prosecution at every step of the process for nearly a full year. Through an exhaustive Defense investigation, Attorney Kaehne uncovered the alleged victim had previously made similar false allegations in the past and filed a motion to disclose documentation confirming the prior allegations. After exposing this information to the prosecution and Court, the case had crumbled beneath the prosecution's feet. We walked our client out of Court with a dismissal of the case, and were successful in convincing the judge to remove the case from the Wisconsin Circuit Court Access Page so our client would not endure any further discrimination.

Brett Shows 'Em How

19 year old KL was facing a potential 3 1/2 years in prison on a charge alleging assistance in the theft of a diamond ring. A motion to dismiss the complaint was filed and the case was dismissed prior to the Preliminary Hearing. KL walked out of court proudly with no criminal record, and it was another successful day at work for Attorney Kaehne.

OWI 3rd Dismissed Before Initial Appearance - Obear Never Even Had to Put on the Gloves

A client who knew he was in for trouble came to the Obear firm seeking help. He was on his Third OWI, and his test result was way up there. Fortunately for RC, the team went into action and investigated the case from the get-go. Kirik and Charlie established conclusive evidence that the prosecutor would not be able to prove that RC was impaired at the time that he was driving and had an accident. A meeting with the prosecutor that occurred before the initial appearance resulted in the DA's office proclaiming that it was impossible for them to proceed. RC's drunk driving case was dismissed without the need for any court appearance. Some say that if you can win the battle without showing up to the arena, you can declare an absolute victory. We don't disagree.

Not Guilty OWI 2nd

Yet another successful jury verdict from Attorney Kirk Obear. Kirk secured Not Guilty verdicts on all counts in an OWI Second offense case in which the prosecution came in to the trial with guns ablazin'. Anticipating that Kirk knows his stuff, the prosecution brought in an "expert" witness to help bolster the case. However, after Kirk was done cross-examining the arresting officer in the case, there was little that could be done by the prosecutor to save the case. Their "expert" had no impact on the case after Kirk was finished with the cop. At the end of the trial, the jury went out to deliberate and came back 2 hours later. Not Guilty across the board. Another grateful client and another win for the Obear Defense team.

Kaehne Does It Again

A local businessman was arrested and charged with Felony Stalking after a breakup with his long-time girlfriend resulted in wild accusations, which law enforcement readily believed. A Defense subpoena uncovered the alleged victim sent 968 text messages to Attorney Kaehne's client during the one month period she alleged he was "stalking and harassing" her. Through the use of social media, subpoenas, motions, and Defense investigation, Attorney Kaehne was able to establish the alleged victim not only initiated many of the contacts after the breakup, but also was attempting reconciliation on many occasions. The case was successfully dismissed yesterday, and the Judge agreed with Attorney Kaehne's argument to remove the case from the internet database to ensure no further damage to the client's business and professional reputation.

Fifth Offense OWI, with Bail Jumping ... Mel Keeps Client Out of Prison

Attorney Melissa Barrette knew she was in for a challenge when a client came to our office with a Fifth Offense OWI, and a very high alcohol concentration. She worked with the client closely, and made sure that every angle of the case was thoroughly investigated. While the case was pending, KM tested positive for having consumed alcohol while on bond. Moving quickly, Melissa found a flaw in the State's case and successfully argued for probation, when it appeared by all accounts that KM was going to prison for sure. After the case was over, KM wept as his wife hugged him, grateful that he would still be able to continue working and providing for his family.

Obear gets Sex Assault Charges Dismissed

The client was charged with Repeated 1st Degree Sexual Assault of a child, an extremely serious felony. Over the course of 18 months, Kirk filed motions which developed the defense against the charges in a way that made it impossible for the prosecutor to proceed. S was facing 80 years in prison, but when Kirk convinced the prosecutor to drop the charges, S walked out of the courtroom without any conviction at all.

OWI Case Dismissed After Brutal Suppression Hearing

The arresting officer claimed that HW "failed" three field sobriety tests. An initial review of the police reports seemed to support this notion. However, Kirk filed a motion to suppress based upon the results of an administrative suspension hearing which was held prior to the case going to Circuit Court. Kirk knew from the testimony at the suspension hearing that the officer was not up to snuff. He subpoenaed the officer's training materials to a suppression hearing and used them to cross-examine the officer on his administration of the field sobriety tests. It turns out that the officer administered the tests in a way that could not be considered a "failure" by any means. After Kirk made the cop look like he didn't know which way was up, the prosecutor decided that enough was enough and ditched the case. Observers in the court room reported that they felt bad for the officer. HW walked away with a reckless driving citation and no drunk driving conviction.

CDL Driver Counts on Kirk for the Win

Sometimes clients are referred to our office because the stakes are high and the outcome of the trial could permanently effect a person's livelihood. That was the case when SA was referred to our office from a prominent Illinois attorney who knew that this case would require special attention for two reasons: SA had an Illinois license; and SA had a commercial driver's license. The combination of these two factors would have meant the end of SA's career if he was convicted. This was true even if the case would be amended to a lesser traffic citation. So the writing was on the wall - the case had to go to trial. Kirk worked diligently to prepare the defense. The strategy involved attacking the accuracy of the breath test result by revealing problems with the testing machine that was used. Several problems were identified with the particular way that the machine was being operated. When the officer had no real explanation for the problems, the jury found SA not guilty on all counts. He was able to keep his job and is now a successful commercial truck driver.

Major Embezzlement, Minor Sentence

When C was charged with 26 counts of Felony Embezzlement, she thought her life was over. Based on the allegations, the prosecutor believed that she stole over $22,000.00 from her employer. She faced over 150 years in prison if convicted. C had hired another attorney who had advised her to quickly take a deal with the hopes that they could convince the judge not to go along with the DA's prison sentence recommendation. She panicked and didn't know where to turn. Kirk agreed to take the case and launched an extensive investigation into the financial records and bank transactions, consisting of thousands of pages. Kirk also developed a strong defense which ultimately caused the prosecutor to concede the majority of the issues in the case. C was convicted of only misdemeanors and was sentenced to a mere 20 days in jail.

OWI Case Dismissed

Mr. P was driving home one night after enjoying dinner at a supper club. He had two glasses of wine and did not feel impaired. However, the police pulled him over for speeding and simple traffic violation turned into a life-changing nightmare for Mr. P. The officer placed him through a series of field sobriety tests, and then alleged that Mr.P was being uncooperative because he refused the officer's request for a blood test. TP was arrested for drunk driving and refusing the blood test, both of which would result in losing his driver's license and his job. His reputation would also be irreparably damaged. Wanting to fight the case with a vigorous defense, TP hired Kirk to represent him. After an extensive investigation, Kirk was able to establish that the arresting officer failed to follow protocol in several aspects of the case. The prosecutor was convinced that he could not prove the case. Both the drunk driving and refusal charges were dropped.

Another Success for Attorney Kaehne

MK was charged with Maintaining a Drug Trafficking Place, facing the potential of 3 1/2 years in prison. After MK was arrested for a probation violation, an officer asked another party to go back inside the client's residence to "get rid of any paraphernalia." At the suppression hearing, Attorney Kaehne was able to get the officer to admit that what he asked the person to do was in direct violation of their bail bond, and illegal. The Judge granted Attorney Kaehne's motion asserting the other party was searching my client's apartment at the expressed prompting of the officer, thereby making the search an unlawful government intrusion. After two motion hearings, and briefing, the case was dismissed entirely.

Fourth Offense OWI? Nope ... Obear gets it dropped to a First

R was driving home one night when he didn't see the stop sign at an intersection and ran into another vehicle, injuring six people. To make matters worse, this was R's 3rd time being arrested for drunk driving. Kirk dug through the old records from the prior convictions and found an argument that his constitutional rights had been violated. A motion that Kirk filed resulted in the case being dropped down to a first offense OWI, with no jail or criminal conviction. Originally facing over 6 years in prison, R ended up not having to serve a single day in jail.

A 60-year-old Calumet County man was charged with Manufacture of THC, Maintaining a Drug Trafficking Place, Possession with Intent to Deliver THC, and other charges after voluntarily allowing police to search his home after a citizen tip alleged he was growing marijuana. When Attorney Kaehne started fighting the case, the client was facing over 16 ½ years in prison for growing personal use cannabis in the private confines of his marital residence.

After litigating all pre-trial motions, the client chose to accept an offer; however, the prosecutor still wanted to see the client spend significant time in custody. By taking the time to get to know his client personally, Attorney Kaehne learned the client's wife suffered a debilitating disease. The client and his wife had been medicating with cannabis for years, and rather than deal with dangerous drug dealers, they decided to grow their own medicine in privacy.

After an intense sentencing hearing, Attorney Kaehne was able to walk the 60-year-old man out of Court without a single day in jail. Additionally, Attorney Kaehne assisted the family in obtaining information to seek residency and medicinal marijuana patient status in a nearby State.