Crimes of a sexual nature carry a high social cost. Severe penalties, like prison time, are not uncommon for those convicted of any type of sexual offense.

Unlike other types of criminal convictions, sexual offenses also carry a social stigma, regardless of the circumstances surrounding the incident.

Convicted sex offenders are also required under Wisconsin law to register with a public catalog referred to as the Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry. Individuals are required to submit personal information that is available for public viewing, such as their living situation, employment and whereabouts.

If you or a loved one is facing any type of sexual crimes charge in Wisconsin, enlisting the help of a strong criminal defense team is imperative.

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Located in Sheboygan, at Kirk Obear, Attorney at Law, we approach these cases with the gravity they deserve. Utilizing over 30 years of combined legal experience we have represented those facing a variety of sexual charges, including first-, second- and third-degree sexual assault.

Statutory Rape (Sexual Assault Of A Minor) Charges

We also defend against statutory rape accusations and charges. When a teen is involved in a consensual relationship with a minor not much younger than him or her and is facing a sex charge with penalties that could involve up to 40 years in prison, it is shocking and scary to both the teen and his or her parent.

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Our team of lawyers has both the knowledge and experience you need to fight against these types of charges. Our founder, Kirk Obear, was a former Judge Advocate General's Corps (JAG) with the United States Air Force. He has experience working on the prosecution's side. He knows their strategies and uses them to help develop a strong defense for his clients.

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