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What is fraud?

Some crimes may have consequences under both federal and state laws and include allegations over activities that take place in an office or computer. Federal fraud charges can involve a wide range of business and personal practices.

Generally, fraud is an intentional and deceptive act that is intended to give the alleged perpetrator unlawful gain or deny rights to the victim. It involves the false representation of facts by intentionally withholding important information or giving false statements. The purpose is to gain something that was unavailable before committing the fraudulent act.

GPS warrants have lower requirements

Global position system technology provides directions to motorists but can also impact the rights of crime suspects and raise constitutional issues. The Wisconsin State Supreme Court recently issued a decision that can impact the rights of suspects charged with drug charges and other offenses by ruling that warrants for GPS tracking do not have to meet the legal requirements for timely execution that govern other warrants.

What is embezzlement?

People in Sheboygan and other parts of Northeastern Wisconsin may have heard the term embezzlement in the context of stories about major corporate or political scandals.

Embezzlement is actually a type of theft. Whereas some people might think of a thief as someone who shoplifts or breaks in to parked cars or even just takes an opportunity to rummage through one's personal belongings, someone accused of embezzlement usually enjoys the benefit of some sort of trust.

Felony Sex Offense Charges Dismissed

An out-of-state college student met a girl on an on-line dating website. After several conversations via text as well as over the phone, the two decided to get together for a date. The date went well and the couple agreed to see each other a second time. Feeling that they had really hit it off, they kept corresponding and developed a strong interest in continuing what seemed like a wonderful relationship.

Kaehne Gets Another Outstanding Result

A 28 year old man was charged with 2nd Degree Sexual Assault with Use of Force, and Burglary. He had met the alleged victim on an online dating site, and was invited to her apartment for a massage. He later went to her apartment a second time to discuss their relationship. The alleged victim claimed he forced his way into her apartment, dragged her into her bedroom, and forcibly raped her. Our client's version was that they were intimate, and the alleged victim exploded when he came clean and admitted to being married.

Disorderly Conduct Charges Dismissed

A 41 year old government employee was charged with Disorderly Conduct in Sheboygan County after an argument with his wife. He discovered his wife had been shoplifting items, and selling them on the internet. During the argument, he tore a photograph and threw it on the floor. No physical injuries were reported by his wife.

Felony Sexual Assault Charge Dismissed

A 27 year old Sheboygan man was charged with 2nd Degree Sexual Assault in April of 2016. After learning the alleged victim was making false allegations of an assault, the client was proactive in retaining Kirk Obear and Associates prior to the District Attorney's office filing official charges. This quick action allowed our firm to take immediate action to protect his rights.

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